This is just the beginning.

This is the place for me to mark my progress of getting FIT without anyone’s nosy eyes getting to peek at it but mine.

This is where I plan to record my NUTRITIOUS eating habits, and my RIGOROUS workouts, and my OVERALL fitness.

This is where my goals will be tucked away, so I can be reminded of them.

This is where I stop being a SLACKER and GET SOME.

Let the fun begin.


3 Responses to “Motivation.”

  1. tristanwilley Says:

    This is phenomenal! It will be a really good tool to keep you honest, and to track your progress. I am going to watch this and see how your fitness improves, make suggestions, and leave my own progress as well. This rules.

  2. messynotdirty Says:

    AD! Thanks for letting me in our your little secret. I won’t breath a word of it. Plus, it will help keep me motivated because, I too, am trying my best to achieve Freakishly Fit status. I can’t wait to see you!!!

  3. wetwilley Says:


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