Attacking Monday with a VENGEANCE. (day 6)

RUN: 27 minutes… HA. One whole minute more. Wooowee! On a treadmill though, because outside was blustery and cold.

Ran on the ONLY free treadmill in the gym… stuck between two extremely overweight middle aged people meandering slowly.  Ick.

ABS: Did a little ab work, but the mat area was swarmed with racket ball playing old men.  Beautiful.

Ate healthy all day (except for the cupcake, oops? but it was small, and tirimisu flavored, and delicious.)

So I am going to start putting together the best workout songs, and Hoot and Shannon… give me input! I need lots of them.  Oh and Robby took his ipod back haha so I really want to get an old generation shuffle, but that probs won’t be for awhile.


One Response to “Attacking Monday with a VENGEANCE. (day 6)”

  1. messynotdirty Says:

    I left my ipod on the treadmill at the gym the other day… therefore: bye bye ipod… I’ll get back to you with song suggestions after I shuffle through my i-tunes library on my computer. OR we can compile some good lists WHILE YOU’RE HERE!!! Can’t wait to see you!

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