Day 8… Last day of school survival.


RUN: 29 minutes on treadmill.  Up one more haha. It was rough though, every part of me was exhausted.

Ate healthy all day, ran, then afterward rewarded myself by sitting on Dan’s couch drinking wine and eating dark chocolate, and of course, playing pictionary.  Antioxidants right?! Plus I’m pretty sure I just read that red wine makes you skinny. And is good for your heart.  And I’m positive it is good for your soul.  World’s best superfood.

If I had to pick things in this world to survive on, it would definitely include red wine, dark chocolate, and chips and salsa.  Healthy.  But the more I think about it, I am happy to say that I would go crazy without every kind of fruits and veggies.  Seriously.  Put any vegetable in the oven with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper, and after a little bit of time to get caramelized and toasty, it instantly becomes my favorite food.   Let’s not even mention my innate love of crusty, delicious, warm bread………


One Response to “Day 8… Last day of school survival.”

  1. Tristan Willey Says:

    Yes! Red wine abounds from fountains of joy in our new apartment Ad! Come indulge!!!

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